RedSky Mobility is a completely integrated move management system that handles the entire moving and storage process from initial contact through to invoicing – including customer service, sales, operations dispatch, finance and management reporting. Using RedSky improves the efficiency and profitability of your business by streamlining the move process, providing you with the key information to make better decisions, lowering IT costs, reducing data entry errors, and enabling you to bill clients faster.

Move Management – From initial contact through invoicing

  • RedSky provides easy navigation through the complex move management process. Each module documents all of the vital information required for a relocation starting from initial inquiry to survey scheduling, pricing, quote production, operational scheduling, forwarding, invoicing and final delivery. Multiple work orders are easily managed by automating the workflow with alert features based on company-defined business rules. While the basic rule set closely follows FIDI FAIM requirements,RedSky allows complete flexibility and allows you to monitor every step of the move, improving efficiency and reducing delays and disruptions.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • RedSky Mobility is a web-based application that allows access to your move information from anywhere in the world using a pc, smartphone or tablet (iPad). With an internet connection, you and your entire network are connected via the same technology platform. There are no hardware investments and no software installation, eliminating the need for additional IT resources.

Online Portal Connectivity

  • Using RedSky’s online portals, access to important move information can be granted to everyone involved in the move - Customers, Accounts, Agents, and Vendors. RedSky users can “link” their files dynamically when they have a role in a relocation, allowing for easier communication and coordination with both domestic and international service providers. And with RedSky’s new iPhone and Android app, clients can quickly see their move status, giving them piece of mind that all is proceeding on schedule.

Integration with Other Systems and Applications

  • In the complex world of move management, integrated systems and applications save time and reduce errors. RedSky is integrated with a variety of systems and applications allowing vital move information to be shared in real time. RedSky interfaces with any accounting package, is integrated with the Voxme Estimator and UniGroup's QUOTES TO-GO, and includes a seamless integration with all UniGroup functionality including UniGroup World Wide systems. When you work with other RedSky User Companies additional efficiencies are realized as shipment files are automatically synchronized. Download Brochure

Management Dashboards and Reporting

  • RedSky’s management dashboard provides a summary of the important revenue, cost/expense, operations and quality information you need to run your business. When more detailed information is needed, more than 30 standard management, accounting and operations reports are available, including a ‘Reciprocity Report’ that details the revenue exchanges between your company and vendors. Any data needed can be quickly extracted and exported to Excel for customized reports to make better and faster business decisions.

Activity Management

  • RedSky employs a flexible Activity Management module which uses a business rules engine to automate workflow for various roles within the company. For example, the business rules may be programmed so that when a relocation for a specific corporate account reaches a specific stage; the billing person is prompted to invoice the file. While the basic rule set closely follows FIDI FAIM requirements, the module allows complete flexibility in prompting work flow for any rule and any role within the company. In addition, RedSky’s system of Notes facilitates the creation of user-generated follow up actions which appear under the Follow Up section of its Activity Management Module.


  • RedSky provides an extensive operations module which facilitates the communication of customer requirements into operational workflow. It includes a comprehensive operations planning module where resources such as crews, materials, vehicles, and equipment may be allocated. Custom modules allow the automated calculation of crew payrolls based on hourly or incentive-based systems. The warehouse management module offers storage location tracking integrated to Voxme Software’s handheld bar code systems. Custom modules are available for customs bonded storage tracking.

Dedicated Support and Free Upgrades

  • Upon completion of RedSky’s customized onsite-installation and training, a dedicated business analyst will support your ongoing needs. In addition, to our online Help System and User Guide, phone and email support is available Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm ET, with emergency support available 24/7. As RedSky is enhanced, free upgrades to standard features are included. For your specific requirements and needs, RedSky also provides customizations to accommodate any rules, actions and alerts.

Document and Forms Management

  • Save time with RedSky’s document and forms management capability. Key documents associated with each move can be stored online for instant access. There is no need to store documents in paper files and then manually copy and mail them whenever they are needed anymore. With a simple click of a button, documents of any file type (pdf, Word, Excel, photos, e-mail messages, etc.) can be shared with partners, customers, accounts and agents. All of the data within RedSky can be used to dynamically generate any business form including bills of lading, manifests, letters of instructions, quotes, order documents, operational work tickets, etc.


  • RedSky includes a full featured accounting module that contains pricing, job costing, accounts payable and invoicing capabilities. For those that prefer to use their existing system, RedSky is fully integrated with most accounting systems including Great Plains, Sage, Solomon, and Navision. In addition, RedSky’s integration with UniGroup’s system provides detailed accounting and settlement information for US Van Line shipments for United and Mayflower. All of this means faster billing with fewer errors.

Van Line Support

  • RedSky provides the additional capabilities for its van line clients:
    • Driver Location – Integration with SkyBitz to enable dispatchers to visualize the location of the driver on Google Map for more accurate trip planning.
    • Hauling Management – Allows dispatchers to view orders from UniGroup with all the details pertaining to the move in a single screen and sort and filter it appropriately.
    • Automate Driver and Sale Commission Calculations – Setup different commission plans for drivers and salespeople and determine the calculations automatically against an order.
    • MSS Integration - Place work orders for MSS from RedSky, obtain quotations and notes for work requested. MSS invoice will be also received via this integration.
    • Driver Portal – Drivers and subcontractors can access shipments and work orders by a customized web portal showing loads assigned with documents and settlement statements.
    • Quote-2-Go – Upload prospect information from RedSky to Q2G and download the completed quote.
    • Weekly Statement Processing – Reconcile vanline statements against orders. Most lines are automatically reconciled and any mismatches are identified for manual intervention. The lines can be transferred to GL System for cash application against outstanding invoices.
    • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Accounting System – RedSky is integrated with popular GL Systems, e.g. Dynamics, Solomon, Great Plains, Navision, SAP, etc.