About us

For over a decade, RedSky Mobility Solutions has been the pioneer in cloud-based technology solutions in moving and relocation.

Its leading moving and relocation management system, “RedSky”, has become the benchmark in creating efficiency in global mobility processes. As a result, RedSky has been increasingly adopted as the technology platform of choice by leading moving and relocation companies worldwide, seeking to improve workflows and avoid the costs and hassle of local server maintenance, associated with other technology platforms and legacy systems.

In 2019, RedSky will combine this experience with innovative new features, exclusive customer events and expansion of the RedSky Mobility Solutions team. As a result, RedSky has become tightly integrated with Move4U’s lead management, survey and inventory solutions to create a single, efficient ecosystem designed around the needs of today’s moving and relocation companies. Future innovations will also include “Reedge”, the latest move management innovation that will enter the market in the coming months.

Our Story

RedSky was initially created as an integral part of the Secor Group’s strategy to grow its geographic and service scope. Secor’s customers pointed to the lack of connectivity as a major cause of inefficiency in doing business with the relocation industry. A corporate mobility administrator had to deal with numerous relocation vendors, none of which were connected neither to each other nor to the corporate accounts’ systems. This lack of connectivity not only caused inefficiency but was a major source of miscommunication with resulting service failures.

After intensively reviewing the Information Technology requirements, it was determined that no off-the-shelf program met the company’s specific IT needs. The recommendation was to develop Secor’s own software system and hence, the RedSky project began its development process.

A dual shore model was set up in Washington DC and Delhi, India. This structure continues today, with the strategic design work done in Washington DC and the analysis, while coding and testing work is offshored to India. Star Worldwide was Secor’s close partner in India providing investment, guidance and infrastructure for the India team.

Now situated in Rotterdam - The Netherlands, a decade later, we still follow the dual shore model with our team in Delhi and now more than ever are ready facing the ever-growing demands of the industry. Currently RedSky, with its partner Move4U, provide an end – to – end solution from the initial contact through to invoicing, handling all aspects of the moving and relocation process.

Our Vision

To create true global connectivity between relocation companies and their respective partners and clients by using our extensive understanding of the move and tech industry.