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Why RedSky Stands Out

For close to 2 decades, RedSky has powered the leading moving and relocation companies in the industry. The first cloud-based and constantly evolving technology in the industry, RedSky streamlines the entire relocation management process from initial contact through to invoicing and quality control. RedSky connects all parties, involved in a relocation, into a single system providing seamless and controlled access to real-time information critical for the successful delivery of household goods and relocation services to customers, worldwide.

Cloud Based

With no investments in servers or maintenance costs, RedSky securely connects all parties involved in a relocation with 24/7 access to real-time information. This provides the highest standards of communication and reduces administration costs by avoiding duplication of data input. RedSky can be accessed online through any browser-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets.

Move Management

You will probably know that mistakes or missed steps in the move management process are costly. To achieve that discipline, workflow practices are embedded into the RedSky operating system creating a set of tasks for each of your team members on a daily basis. These industry standardized rules, that can also be customized around your move management process, make sure that all tasks and calls are completed on time, delivering a consistent high-quality service to your customers.


RedSky easily allows your company and your service partners to connect and share data and documents in synchronized relocation files. Shared data elements are kept in sync so that double entry is eliminated, while private information is kept securely inside your organization.

RedSky Communication Portals

Seamlessly communicate with your clients, transferees and agent partners through fully integrated portals allowing everyone involved in the move to initiate moves, add, update and view information. With over 200 connected agents, RedSky also facilitates a large connected global network of moving and relocation companies.

Advance Reporting

The RedSky Management Dashboard provides an ongoing summary of the important revenue, cost/expense, operations and quality information you need in order to run your business. When more detailed information is needed, RedSky provides a variety of standard management, accounting and operations and reciprocity reports. More than that, you can also export any data directly into Excel to create an unlimited number of customized reports.

Van Line Module

Experience the power of digital move management for Van Line companies in the United States. Enjoy features like Driver Location, the Driver Portal, Driver and Sale Commission Calculations and integrations with systems like MSS, Quote-2-Go, Microsoft Dynamics Accounting System and more.

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Quotation File
  • Pricing and Contracts
  • Account management
  • Pricing templating
  • Commissions & Compensation
  • Lead Capture
  • Sales invoice and credit notes
  • Payable invoices
  • Auto storage invoicing and email
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Combined order invoicing
  • Tenancy billing
  • Invoice status
  • Credit check
  • Crew payroll
  • Revenue & Payable tracker
  • Multiple Divisions supported
Move Management
  • Household goods International & Domestic
  • Office Move
  • Document management (File Cabinet)
  • Email template configuration  New
  • Agent classification (Gold, Silver or bronze)
  • Account/preferred agents
  • Activity management New
Relocation (DSP)
  • Employee destination services
  • Employee repatriation services
  • Travel bookings and management
  • Expense management
  • Policy management and development
  • Tax support and services
  • Shipment data sync
  • Document sync and sharing
  • Sharing notes
  • Work tickets
  • Schedule resources
  • Planning & calendar
  • Storage location management
  • Warehouse limits
  • Print daily packages
  • Driver
  • Dispatch consoles
Forms & Reports
  • Customized & Standard MIS reports
  • Customized Forms
  • Data Extracts
  • Tonnage reciprocity
  • Warehouse location extracts
Quality Assurance
  • Customer feedback
  • Agent/vendor account rating
  • To do rules
  • Survey generic questions

RedSky Integrations

In the complex world of move management, integrated systems and applications save time and reduce errors. RedSky is integrated with a variety of systems and applications allowing vital move information to be shared in real time. RedSky interfaces with any accounting package, is integrated with the Move4U Suite of front-end solutions and UniGroup’s QUOTES TO-GO, and includes a seamless integration with all UniGroup functionality including UniGroup Relocation systems. When you work with other RedSky User Companies, additional efficiencies are realized as shipment files are automatically shared between the various stakeholders.

RedSky works seamlessly with a wide variety of prominent accounting platforms. RedSky works seamlessly with a wide variety of prominent accounting platforms that will ensure you can Sync data with your accounting platform through the RedSky integration. Sync data with your move management system through the RedSky integration.