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The two main reasons we started working with RedSky – 1) RedSky lets us connect to our member companies, and share a file, without any double entry. This saves money and allows us to share our network resources, such as move management capacity, in a smart way. 2) The RedSky platform allows our members to connect with each other. The more companies come on board, the more companies will benefit from that.
Since the introduction of RedSky within The Voerman Group, my staff has repeatedly indicated that efficiency of workflows within our various companies increased signifcantly. We have immediate access to live client and order data through RedSky’s cloud functionality and have greatly improved collaboration with international partners for our moves and relocations thanks to RedSky’s link & sync functionality!
One of the most powerful features of RedSky is its ability to easily extract meaningful data for reporting and decision making. Event driven input helps keep the data current and accurate.

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