First RedSky webinar

Webinar date: 19th of June
Subject: Data extracts

On the 19th of June we organized the first webinar about Data Extracts. We would like to thank all attendees for attending and for their questions!

Below, you can find the link to watch the recording of the webinar in case you missed it. You can also find the questions and answers that have been handled during the webinar.

In case you missed it...

The webinar goes through the following actions thoroughly:

  1. Creating Data Extracts
  2. Export Data Extracts
  3. Schedule Data Extracts
  4. Edit Data Extracts

Click on the button below to rewatch the webinar.

The questions we answered

During the webinar, attendees were able to ask questions and to interact using a private chat. Below you can find the questions we received and their answers.

Question 1: Can I request more fields in the output of the data extract?
Answer 1: If you would like fields added to the data extracts, please send an email with a change request to

Question 2: Are quotes included in the data-extracts?
Answer 2: They are not, only previously booked moves. Depending on the extract parameters ‘inactive’ can be chosen. Quotes can be included in ‘reports’ or ‘SQL-extracts’

Question 3: What exactly is the difference between Dynamic Financial Summary and Detail?
Answer 3: The Financial Summary gives an overview on invoice level. The Financial Detail provides a more detailed report which can be set to the Account Line level.

Question 4: I receive my extract in an excel spreadsheet. Does this mean I need Excel expertise in order to manipulate the data into something that adds value to my business or day-to-day work?
Answer 4: For most reports, you do not need Excel expertise. However, should you want to manipulate the date in the report, i.e. use the data in a pivot table, some Excel expertise might come in handy. As all amounts in RedSky have the US notation, we suggest that you at least check if your Country settings are correct to prevent that amounts are shown incorrectly.

Question 5: What is the differences between a report, an SQL extract and a data extract?
Answer 5: Reports and SQL extracts are the same. These are customized exports, created by the RedSky development team. A Data Extract can be created by most RedSky users.

Question 6: Can I extract any field that is in RedSky?
Answer 6: No, you can only extract fields on the Service Order level and the Customer File level. Should any fields be missing, please send a request to This email address can also be used in case you want a customized SQL report.

Question 7: How do I know which Data extract to choose from (shipment analysis, Domestic Analysis)
Answer 7: Shipment Analysis will show you the options for an overview of the entire shipment. Domestic Analysis will show you an overview of the Domestic shipments. Dynamic Financial Summary will show you a financial summary of the Service Orders. Dynamic Financial Details will show you the more detailed financials. Storage Billing Analysis shows the current Storage files. Relocation Analysis is used for relocation jobs. Keep in mind that the Data Extract Type is not related to the Job Type automatically. i.e. If you need a Domestic Analysis, please select Job Type Domestic.

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