New releases (September 2020)

Read an update about our recent releases, Quikbook and Move4U integration and more!

We hope that all RedSky users and their families are safe and well.

The last few months have been challenging for all of us in both our business and personal lives. At RedSky we take the responsibility of keeping your business moving very seriously. Our cloud-based infrastructure has enabled our clients to quickly pivot to a remote working environment and we are very proud of the work that the RedSky Team has performed in maintaining up time and responding to your immediate needs. As you will read, at the same time RedSky continues to look to the future in developing the platform to deliver further benefits to our clients.

What We Accomplished!

RedSky integration with Quickbooks: Quickbooks (a leading accounting software) is now integrated with RedSky. We understand the importance of integrating your business activities with your accounting team and this development widens the options for our clients.

RedSky integration with Move4U: RedSky is now integrated with all of the Move4U solutions. As more and more moving companies understand the benefits of digital survey software, virtual surveys and digital inventories, we hope that RedSky clients will take a look at the suite of services from Move4U which are now seamlessly integrated with the RedSky platform.

Invoice Upload through Agent Portal: With our invoice upload functionality through the agent portal, users can now register their invoices through the agent portal. This not only helps to save time for the coordinators, it also secures error free invoicing! Invoices can be approved faster and deviations on billed amounts are visible and can be explained.

NAS/Memory Update: The NAS upgrade was successfully completed and the master and slave database are in-sync. This provides the possibility for all our RedSky users to enable the auto-upload of email functionality into RedSky.

Upcoming Releases:

Enhancement to Quickbooks Integration: Following the integration with Receivables and Payables between RedSky and Quickbooks, our next step is the complete two-way of the systems.

Auto Upload of emails to File Cabinet: In the next system update, emails that are relevant for the customer files and Service orders will be automatically updated – a big productivity boost for RedSky users!