RedSky update: New releases

Update: August 2019

The RedSky team has recently developed a number of features that will further simplify the use of the system. Naturally, we have considered the input that we received from users.

Do you still have questions about these or other functionalities after reading this message? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

RedSky dashboard bèta

We've created a Bèta version of the new RedSky Dashboard to highlight the most valuable information in any Service Order. The new Dashboard works across all web browsers.

Agent map

The functionality of Google maps has been enabled in Schedule Survey in the Customer File to display all the local agents, providing the users with an option to choose from a wide range of agents to conduct the survey.

Geo Search

It is now possible to search for nearby agents in RedSky, using the Geo search functionality in Partner.

Search validation

With the 'Agent Search Validation' functionality enabled, the relevant recommendations of agents start appearing in a new dialog box as soon as the user starts to type in Origin Agent, Destination Agent, Sub Origin Agent and Sub Destination agent.
Currently the flag of this functionality is only enabled for Voerman International.

Display of terminal city

The Booking agent field in the Customer file is now displaying the Terminal city instead of the Billing city.